Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • KV Materials is passionate about developing, manufacturing and recycling key materials for technology in today’s world and the future.

  • KV Materials is considering employees as our No.1 asset. We strive to help our employees to develop their skills & creativity, and encourage open communication to establish a fair and creative environment at workplace.

  • KV Materials is focusing on creating values for a successful business and to become a market leader.

Our Vision

  • We are the largest sputtering target manufacturing company in China and Korea.

  • KV Materials is a vertically integrated company (coordinating company value and supply chain) and the most preferred partner for advanced manufacturing companies.

  • We produce highly complicated materials and recycle them to achieve ‘Zero’ emission.

Our Values

Transparency, innovation and teamwork are the key values to our business success.

We live by our values and aim at promoting the highest ethical standards to everything we do.